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Can We Talk About this 360 Frontal Phenomenon?

Ok so look. I’ve been catching a lot of heat lately for my opinion about this 360 Lace Frontal craze going on. If you don’t follow me on social media I’ll update you – I don’t like them HAHAHA. Now please let me explain myself.

Traditional lace frontals I love. I worked myself day and night for almost a year figuring out how to apply them flawlessly with and without adhesive and it has since awarded me 3 viral videos on Instagram.

So yes, I am completely here for the frontal takeover, but then here comes this 360 degree situation from out of nowhere and I’m just like “you lost me…” – 😕. When I saw one up close for the first time I’m thinking “Oh, so it is LITERALLY a full lace wig with the middle portion cut out. Got it…” Now am I right or am I right? Even  with that being the case, I still always try to at least figure out why my people are so in love with them and this is what I got.

So about 90% of people who get them installed get them for done for one reason alone – because it’s the new hottest thing on the market and they couldn’t dare pass up the opportunity to have the latest and greatest thing on the hair market. Yes, bandwagoners. No I can’t get with that reasoning.

About 5% of people like them because they like the hair that a specific company offers. This I can understand, although there are a few companies out there that offer tons of amazing textures from silky straight to kinky curly, like our #ReadyMadeWig line (hint hint).

So again, I understand, but not really. The remaining 5% like them because it seems to make wig-making a bit easier. Now that part I do understand. Who doesn’t love to save some coins and do a good DIY from time to time?

I can only imagine the little bit of effort it requires to sew in the remaining bundles after that bad boy takes care of 75% of the construction. You 5% win that one.

But hey, whatever floats your boat or threads your needle! Just don’t make me do one because I’ll instantly start to tell you about our lovely wig collection over here.

HAHA – How do you guys feel about them?

1 thought on “Can We Talk About this 360 Frontal Phenomenon?”

  1. Being a barber I really never understood what I was getting into with the hair. Amazing I really want to keep my hair up more to stay more feminine. Lol.(be ordering very soon)
    But heres why im about to agree with you from my 360 experience… To much maintaining and agreeing with you on how its made… [Started examining as i read].It was very hard for me to find the hair that matched it, and make it look natural. So thank you for making this 360 deal more understanding and detailed why I felt i kinda got ripped off.
    And sorry for babbling.
    Also may I add I have Become a Huge Fan and I will be ordering soon. Thank you in advance.

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